Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tips for Safe Travel in Dubai

Scenic attractions, glitzy skyline, historic monuments, inundated shopping scene with an eclectic mix of souks and modern malls, and most of all, reputation of being a crime-free spot – Dubai readily ticks the box for a perfect vacation. But Dubai, being a part of an Islamic nation, follows strict Shariah laws. It is therefore significant for the holidaymakers to have a perfunctory understanding of the local customs in order to avoid bumping into mistakes and assure utmost safety, prior to touring Dubai.
Travel in Dubai
Dressing Etiquette
The Shariah-compliant dress code that entails women to completely cover their body from head to toe, leaving face and hands, is followed in the emirate. That said, Dubai is tolerant in terms of dressing when it comes to tourists and expat women, however still the general rule to dress modestly applies. So ditch tight, revealing clothes, and wear dresses such as long skirts, loose trousers, full sleeve shirts and headscarf (check this) that will not only keep you safe but also help you to remain courteous to local customs and cultures .

Display of Affection & Behavioral Norms
There are certain no-nos that you have to watch out for while in Dubai, such as public drunkenness, trafficking drugs and illegal intake of drugs. Likewise, avoid being loud or harsh in the public, and speak politely to the locals. Never attempt to stare or record locals, particularly women, on your cam. Further, don’t talk or walk straight in front of people while praying or offering Namaz. Above all, do not display your affection in public.

Be careful while taking pictures
With a plenty of scenic, historic and modern attractions to its credit, it is quite obvious that Dubai offers a lot to cater to the photographer in you. Nonetheless, make sure that you hold back your finger from snapping certain buildings by way of military establishments, mosques and monuments, as it may sometimes put you in trouble.


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